Quicken launches Simplifi money management app for millennials, Gen Z


Thirty-seven years after the release of Quicken desktop software, the company is launching a streamlined app to reach a new demographic.


Top data-sharing groups close in on a single standard


OFX is used by 7,000 banks while FDX is used by 2 million consumers. The two standards are converging.


Wells Fargo latest to share customer data with Intuit via API


By partnering with Intuit, Wells Fargo is continuing its journey toward API-based data sharing, and away from screen scraping.


Breaking Banks: Insights from Digital Money Forum at CES


How can AI help consumers spend and save wisely? If friction should be added back into the system, can we put it where it is useful, not frustrating?


Flashback: When banks tried to end screen scraping … in 2004


The Open Financial Exchange has 7,000 installations. More than a decade ago, the industry saw the data standard as the solution to screen scraping, a practice that bedevils them today.