Internet of things

Turning up the volume on Alexa


Consumer response to banking by smart speaker has been underwhelming. But a handful of financial institutions keep plugging away in hopes customers warm to the advantages of verbal commands instead of pushing buttons.


Voice banking's ascent and other takeaways from CES


One banking-related highlight of the show was an announcement from HSBC and Google of a real-time conversation translator for Google’s nest hub.


The rise of the invisible bank


Digital banking will become less visible because it will be embedded in other daily activities with the help of AI, voice interfaces and other emerging technologies.


Facebook's Libra turns foes into allies in regulatory face-off


Facebook is focusing the initial discussions around its cryptocurrency project as a preemptive strike against the privacy and legal concerns the public and politicians have about the huge social network.


How HSBC is spending its $17 billion tech budget


Jeremy Balkin, head of innovation at HSBC Bank USA, shares how the bank is investing in retail innovation, including a $350 million core system.


The smart fridge and other tech in Wells Fargo’s innovation lab


Shari Van Cleave, head of digital labs at the bank, discusses customer-facing technology it's testing, including wearables and the so-called internet of things.


Wells Fargo, PayPal back effort to fund female fintech entrepreneurs


Female startup founders consistently receive far less venture capital money than male founders, but a program by Quesnay is looking to change that.


One banker’s take on the Consumer Electronics Show


Todder Moning of U.S. Bank scoured the 2.7 million square feet of the Consumer Electronics Show this week. Here’s what he liked, what he thinks bankers could work with ... and what he thought was weird.


Banks need to think outside the app


Banks need to stake out a presence on platforms that have nothing to do with banking.


SunTrust's AI investment fuels a future of payments by digital assistants


Banks are facing the potential of disruption by digital assistants from Apple, Amazon and Google — and are pouring money into machine learning to provide their own option for automating consumers' financial lives.