International business

How alleged Asian crypto scam became headache for Comerica, Mastercard


A digital currency firm has been accused of recruiting actors to pretend to be Comerica and Mastercard employees, writing a fake prospectus and taking other steps to make it look like the two U.S. companies were its partners in an investment venture.


Why U.S. consumers are less willing to embrace fintechs


In a study of 27 global markets, the U.S. ranked near the bottom for consumer use of fintech, raising questions about why Americans appear reluctant to dive in.


A remittance fintech aims to be first of its kind to offer banking


Pangea says it is developing a digital account after customers complained that the bank relationship they had wasn't "for them."


Credit Karma to gain a footing in the U.K.


Credit Karma has agreed to buy a credit reporting company that TransUnion initially sought to develop as the fintech's British equivalent.


Can bank-issued prepaid cards appeal to U.S. crypto market?


One U.K. fintech hopes its cryptocurrency-based prepaid debit card will gain traction with bitcoin and ether enthusiasts here.


Mastercard, Microsoft take a global approach to B2B automation


The payments company released a platform made up of nine B2B networks and powered by Microsoft’s Azure.


JPMorgan funds fintech effort for India's poorest


The bank's $7 million over four years toward the initiative is its largest overseas philanthropic commitment.


Conditions chilly at home, Canadian banks seek U.S. expansion


Canada's big banks are pursuing wholesale banking, capital markets and select M&A opportunities across the border to hedge against a slowing mortgage market and other economic concerns on the home front.


Even in Trump era, cross-border rules critical, top European regulator says


Andreas Dombret, the top banking regulator in Germany, said that international standards need to be vigorously enforced and implemented.


Is Citi out of step in a Trump world? No, says Corbat


Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat stuck up for his embattled retail unit in Mexico, downplaying concerns that protectionist White House policies may harm the subsidiary or the overall company's global strategy.