Banks tore up digital scripts once pandemic hit


U.S. Bancorp, Wells Fargo, WSFS and others were already deeply engaged in digital transformations before the coronavirus crisis led them to pivot — quickly.


Why more banks are ditching their legacy core vendors


Newcomers Nymbus, Neocova, Finxact and Technisys and older competitors like Temenos, Infosys and Oracle are winning over community and regional banks by offering what some bankers describe as more flexible technology at fairer prices.


Why an algo-trading software firm caught BMO's eye


Clearpool's chief executive says BMO Financial Group, which is buying his company, saw a chance to gain control of cutting-edge technology that would help it cater to a special type of commercial customer.


The cybersecurity threat lurking in the GPS systems banks count on


Outages or disruptions of GPS signals — sometimes malicious, sometimes not — could quickly knock out computers, ATMs and card networks.


BB&T sues vendor Hitachi Vantara over costly 2018 outage


BB&T has said the outage, which blocked customers' account access for hours, cost it about $20 million.


New front opens in fight over Fed's real-time payments network


Community banks and tech companies that are happy the central bank is building a next-generation system are not as pleased with its four- to five-year timeline. But big banks see the slow rollout as an opportunity to expand their own instant payment network.


Are Iranian hackers going after U.S. banks again?


Security companies report a recent spike in spearphishing campaigns originating in Iran and targeting banks.


OceanFirst delays annual report after discovering IT-related weakness


The New Jersey company said the issue, tied to insufficient validation procedures, did not lead to misstated financial results.


How some banks, fintechs are tackling the tech-talent shortage


Bank of America, MX and Carolina Fintech Hub are training refugees and nontechies to become developers while at the same time showing corporate citizenship.


Recession worries? Trade war? Forget about 'em, bank CEOs say


Big-bank execs downplayed gloomy economic forecasts and said a commercial lending rally, niche M&A and smart tech spending will drive growth in 2019.