Huntington to pick up Chicago muni brokerage in strategic growth play


Huntington Bancshares Inc. will acquire the Chicago-based municipal shop Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley & Co. as both look to broaden their public finance reach.


Bank CEO's fire-and-rehire maneuver reaps windfall at taxpayer expense


A multimillion-dollar deal between Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Stephen Calk, the man who would later become Paul Manafort's banker, was supposed to deliver 400 new jobs to the city. Here's what really happened.


Acquisition of UBS unit, foreign exchange propel Northern Trust


The big custody bank's fees surged on new business gained from its deal for UBS business units in Europe.


Big test for ag lenders: Helping farmers weather trade war


Banks are adjusting loan terms, making use of federal loan guarantees and working with farmers to find new markets, all in an effort to mitigate the damage from a likely drop in soybean exports.


Manafort mortgage bought bank CEO spot as Trump adviser: prosecutors


A new court filing suggests that Stephen Calk was named to a 13-member economic advisory team in 2016 in exchange for approving a $9.5 million loan to former campaign manager Paul Manafort.


Debt-collection fix aimed at new target: Local government


Consumer advocates are urging local governments and courts to consider a person’s ability to pay before assessing fines and fees for such infractions as unpaid traffic tickets. Such changes could help low-income households avoid bankruptcy — and perhaps even make them more bankable.


Bank of Montreal and CIBC square off in Chicago


There's a battle being waged by Bank of Montreal and its smaller rival, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, as they compete against JP Morgan Chase and almost 200 other lenders in so-called "Chicagoland" — one of the toughest banking markets in the U.S.


How Fifth Third charmed its way into the biggest bank deal in years


Holding multiple face-to-face meetings with executives from MB Financial helped Fifth Third land the Chicago company for a lower price than another suitor offered.


Merchants Bancorp acquiring deposit-rich bank in Illinois


The Indiana bank would add nearly $100 million in deposits with its purchase of FM Bancorp.


First Mid-Illinois to boost fee income with SCB Bancorp acquisition


Nearly a third of the company's revenue will come from noninterest income after it buys SCB, which owns a large insurance and farmland management business.