Identity theft

Identity fraud is soaring. Here's how one lender is attacking it.


Axcess Financial is using stronger authentication, studying up on bad actors and planning to use a federal service that automates verification of Social Security numbers.


How to Protect Against Cyberwar & the Next Data Breach


Adam Levin addresses the threats of cyber fraud and identity theft and what you can do to protect your customers' privacy and credit security.


Fake ID fraud is declining, but small lenders are still vulnerable


Though synthetic identity fraud is down across the industry, there's been an uptake in such attacks targeting credit unions.


Data aggregators push back against notion they have a fraud problem


Fincen and others say third parties are proving to be treasure chests for crooks who create synthetic identities, but aggregators argue they help detect risk banks can’t see.


Safeguard data on kids, reap customer retention rewards


Banks have to do a better job of protecting personal information about their customers' children.