Are nonbanks likelier to lend to Black, Latino homebuyers?


A new report from California shows that less-regulated mortgage lenders may be doing a better than banks of serving Black and Latino homebuyers. But consumer advocates say the data bolsters the case for tougher supervision of nonbanks.


CFPB fines Washington Federal $200,000 for HMDA errors


The agency found a 40% error rate in the 2016 data submitted by the Seattle bank. In addition to the fine, the institution is required to improve its compliance systems.


Access Denied episode 1: The wealth effect


Net worth disparities and the role housing and mortgage discrimination play in Black homeownership show that it's impossible to close the gaps without eliminating racism.


CFPB missed opportunity to call out lending discrimination, critics say


The agency’s report on mortgage data submitted by lenders identified persistent disparities between white borrowers and minorities in denial rates and pricing. Some observers say the bureau should have been more explicit as the nation wrestles with systemic racism.


CFPB data collection rule could exempt smallest small-business lenders


The agency finally detailed how it may implement congressional requirements to collect information on credit to small businesses. Lenders below certain asset thresholds and that make few business loans could be off the hook.


CFPB to release outline on small-business data rule


The bureau will detail how it will implement a Dodd-Frank Act provision requiring the agency to collect information on small-business lending in order to identify discrimination.


Trump’s attempt to weaken fair housing rules is beyond tone deaf


The White House's efforts to loosen equality requirements in lending run counter to the widespread demand for racial justice. Congress must act.


5 ways the CFPB has eased industry’s coronavirus burden


The agency has freed companies from reporting requirements and provided flexibility on exams to help them deal with COVID-19 fallout. It has also finished other regulatory relief efforts that were in the pipeline before the pandemic hit.