High performance computing

Why some banks still lean on mainframes


Sales of the tried-and-true hardware keep rising despite a global shift to the cloud, and a recent survey found that large companies continue to prefer the performance and security they get from big iron.


Behind Wells Fargo’s foray into quantum computing


The bank is testing the emerging technology with IBM in an effort to speed up risk analysis and derivatives pricing.


TD Bank’s calculated shift to the cloud


The North American banking giant is making a gradual yet concerted effort to migrate applications to Microsoft’s cloud, but there are still sensitive operations and pieces of data that it’s holding back on for now.


The curious case of the Vatican and credit default swaps


The Vatican's recent criticism of credit default swaps is reigniting a debate about the use of such financial products.


Why banks like Barclays are testing quantum computing


Barclays, Morgan Stanley, True Positive and other firms are turning to the technology for simulations and problems that demand large quantities of computing power.


JPMorgan Chase, Barclays join IBM quantum computing network


Banks are looking at using the powerful number-crunching technology to make risk calculations, analyze portfolios and protect their systems against sophisticated cyberattacks.