Will Fed's simpler capital regime be ready before next stress tests?


The central bank is aiming to finish a rule creating a streamlined capital buffer ahead of the upcoming round of stress testing, but industry experts say that timeline may be too ambitious.


How JPMorgan plans to keep the momentum going


The country's biggest bank is leaning more on fee income to offset rate pressures, expanding in selected U.S. cities and laying the groundwork for operations in China that CEO Jamie Dimon hopes will endure “for 100 years.”


What's pushing U.S. banks deeper into ESG


Stateside banks are starting to play catch-up to banks worldwide that are incorporating environmental, social and governance factors into their underwriting. Pressure from big shareholders is a driving force.


HSBC eyes sale of its French retail business


The effort is part of a push by interim Chief Executive Officer Noel Quinn to cut costs at Europe’s largest lender by assets.


Global banks cutting nearly 80,000 jobs this year, most since 2015


Morgan Stanley is the latest firm to make a year-end efficiency push, eliminating about 1,500 jobs, according to people familiar with the matter.


Regulators find 'shortcomings' in living wills of six large banks


The Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. found issues with the firms' ability to compile data on how they would be unwound during a period of financial stress.


HSBC's CEO search ending where it began: Signs point to Quinn


Named interim CEO in August, Noel Quinn now appears to be the front-runner to lead the global bank's next turnaround.


House bill would mandate congressional visits by big-bank CEOs


Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., has proposed requiring annual testimony by the heads of the U.S. "global systemically important" banks.


JPMorgan weighs shifting thousands of jobs out of New York area


Executives are deciding what roles could be relocated to lower-cost hubs such as Plano, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; and Wilmington, Del


How JPMorgan Chase is helping ex-cons land jobs


The nation's largest bank is hiring former prisoners for entry-level jobs and funding a policy center whose mission will be to help adults with criminal histories reenter the workforce.