FDIC board backs reg relief proposals for foreign banks, living wills


Following the Federal Reserve Board, the FDIC signed off on proposed measures to ease resolution planning requirements and tailor supervisory standards for foreign banking companies operating in the U.S.


Will reg relief plan bring back failure-related risks?


Despite consensus that regulators should ease so-called “living will” requirements by some degree, critics charge that a proposal by the Fed and FDIC could undo gains in making large banks easier to resolve.


Senate Democrat calls for hearing on megabank enforcement actions


On the same day the House Financial Services Committee held a hearing with CEOs of seven of the largest banks, Sen. Sherrod Brown said bank misconduct since the crisis demanded further inquiry by the Senate Banking Committee.


Fed opens reg relief tent to foreign banks


The Federal Reserve Board unveiled a host of proposed changes to tailor U.S. supervision of foreign firms, as well as a proposal easing “living will” requirements for both domestic and overseas banks.


A 'Marshall Plan for America:' Takeaways from Jamie Dimon's shareholder letter


The CEO of the nation's largest bank urged policymakers to ease capital rules for banks and tackle inefficiencies in the housing markets, while offering bold ideas of his own on education and health care.


Fed votes against deploying big-bank capital buffer


The Federal Reserve voted Wednesday to keep the countercyclical capital buffer at its current level of zero, ending some speculation that the board could be looking at a possible increase.


Fed curbs stress test requirement for most large banks


The central bank is limiting the use of its qualitative objection in this year’s stress tests, the agency announced Wednesday.


Big-bank rule may have fueled December’s stock market rout


It’s possible the G-SIB surcharge, an additional capital charge on large banks, contributed to market volatility at the end of last year, argues Sen. Thom Tillis.


Hard Brexit is a systemic risk to U.S. banks


A no-deal Brexit could throw the international swaps market into disarray in a way that could be difficult to predict, and could have dire consequences for U.S. banks and the world economy.


Tough standards for biggest banks not going away: Fed’s Powell


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell demurs on regulatory relief for largest banks while saying he is “open” to countercyclical buffer.