Why aren't White House hopefuls talking about banking?


With the candidates still introducing themselves to voters and honing their message, little has been said about the financial industry.


Ocasio-Cortez’s disruptive spotlight could soon be turned on bankers


The freshman congresswoman will likely join the Financial Services Committee, where she could use her populist momentum to bring criticisms of the country's biggest banks even further into the mainstream.


Win or lose, Warren will put banking in 2020 spotlight


No matter how far the Massachusetts Democrat goes in the next presidential race, the financial regulatory issues that she trumpets will be front and center.


How populism threatens banks


Current political forces pose a number of risks for financial institutions, including their stock prices and performance, if not their very existence.


Is Glass-Steagall poised for a political comeback?


It’s been off the radar for a couple of years, but Washington may soon be debating the separation between commercial and investment banking once again.


Credit unions go on offense with plan to revive Glass-Steagall


Credit unions historically have focused on laws that directly pertain to them, but in a break with that tradition, NAFCU is calling on Congress to re-introduce efforts to break up big banks.


Candidate or kingmaker, Warren will drive Dems' banking agenda in 2020


Early polling shows that the Massachusetts senator is a strong contender for the White House, setting her up to shape the debate on financial services even if she doesn’t run.


Odds of changing reg relief bill are long, but many keep trying


More than 50 amendments had been filed by Wednesday afternoon to be considered as part of a Senate regulatory relief bill, but it was unclear which proposed changes if any have the approval of the legislation's key sponsors.


Separating banking and commerce is 'another win for the big guys,' OCC's Noreika says


Acting Comptroller of the Currency Keith Noreika called for reopening the debate over the barrier between banking and commerce, saying there is evidence removing it could benefit small banks.


Rethinking split of banking and commerce: Noreika makes his case


Acting Comptroller of the Currency Keith Noreika is using his short time in office to open a debate about the separation of banking and commerce, which he says is anti-competitive, stifles diversification and may limit regulators' options in times of crisis.