Ginnie Mae

Ginnie Mae venture with Chicago FHLB crosses mortgage milestone


A mortgage program created by a 2015 partnership between the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago and Ginnie Mae has securitized over $1 billion in government-backed mortgages, the partnership announced.


3 conditions before Ocwen and PHH are clear to close


From investor angst to regulatory scrutiny, here's a look at three obstacles that must be addressed before Ocwen Financial can acquire PHH Mortgage.


Ginnie Mae threatens to dump lenders from veterans mortgage program


Nine lenders have been warned by the U.S. that they will be kicked out of a top mortgage program within months unless they find ways to stop costly rapid refinances of veterans' loans.


Backers of Senate GSE plan reject claims that it’s too conservative


Supporters of an unreleased bill to revamp the housing finance system say the plan strikes a middle ground that can gain support from both sides of the aisle.


5 ways a government shutdown will affect mortgage lending


Here's a look at what will happen at five federal agencies that support the mortgage industry if the government shuts down.


U.S. cracks down on firms making predatory mortgages to veterans


The U.S. is taking steps to stamp out the practice of servicemembers and veterans being pressured into taking mortgages they don't need, a move that officials say will lower consumer costs and could lead to financial penalties for lenders.


Clash over capital plan; JPM's $4B predicament


Regulators disagree whether proposed changes to capital requirements would ease burden on community banks; JPMorgan on hook if jury award not overturned.


HUD in limbo: Top jobs unconfirmed, key decisions unmade


The Department of Housing and Urban Development is facing a leadership crisis as top jobs go unfilled, leaving key decisions unresolved.


Fannie, Freddie are irrelevant to a government-backed mortgage system


Policymakers should differentiate between housing finance-related issues of real importance to the greater public interest, and those that concern only special interests.


FHA can't put off technology upgrades any longer


The Federal Housing Administration needs additional funds to replace a 1960s-era computer operating system and make other necessary tech updates.