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Are You Liable for Ongoing Homeowner's Association Dues if You Surrender Your House in a Bankruptcy?


HOA lawsuitEarlier this month on my Atlanta-bankruptcy web site blog I discussed <


Georgia Exemptions: What Can I Keep if I File Bankruptcy?


Understandably, a typical bankruptcy client fears that they will lose most of their property if they file for bankruptcy.  For my Atlanta bankruptcy clients, the good news is that a substantial portion of your real estate, personal property and retirement money is safe and sheltered from the reach of the Bankruptcy Court by virtue of…


The Problem with 401(k) Loans and Consumer Bankruptcy


Most of the clients who I represent in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 cases view bankruptcy as their absolute last resort.  Usually, by the time they get to me,


Will Bankruptcy Issues Affect Georgia Governor's Race?


Nathan Deal under scrutiny for financial woesIf you have been reading your local newspapers, you may be aware that Nath


Inside the Mind of a Bankruptcy Lawyer – Should I File and if so, Why Should I Choose Your Firm?


There are dozens of lawyers out there who offer to prepare and file b