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How do You Protect Yourself Financially During the Coronavirus Pandemic?


How can you best protect yourself when the national and local economies are rocked by unexpected disruptions?

Almost overnight, the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has decimated dozens of industries – food service, hospitality, retail, transportation, education, government and any business that relies on face to face interaction.

While the government is promising some relief and some creditors are offering short term deferments, the likelihood is that business will not return to normal anytime soon and that we have entered into a “new normal.”


How Should You Deal With Creditors If You Lose Income Due to the Corona Virus?


How should you handle your creditors if you experience an unexpected drop in income, a layoff or loss of that part time job that was keeping you afloat?


Can You File Bankruptcy if You Have Been the Victim of Identity Theft?


If you have been a victim of identity theft, you can file bankruptcy but you need to be prepared for potential complications.


How to Avoid Credit Card Interest, Penalties and Fees


how-to-avoid-credit-card-interestHave you ever opened your credit card statement only to find that despite last month’s payment, your unpaid balance has actually increased because of credit card interest, penalties or fees?


Don’t Fall Prey to Illegal and Immoral Behavior by Debt Buyers


debt buyerIf you have never heard the term “debt buyer,” you might be amazed to learn that large companies exist solely for the purpose of buying and selling consumer debt. These companies buy and sell billions of dollars of debt. Some are part of public companies that trade shares of stock on stock exchanges.


Live Longer After Filing Bankruptcy? Economists Say “Yes”


health after bankruptcyA recent study by economists suggests that Chapter 13 debtors whose cases were confirmed and completed through discharge derive significant economic and health benefits from their filings as compared to Chapter 13 debtors whose cases were dismissed.


Statutes of Limitation in Georgia: Credit Card Debts


statute of limitationsIn Georgia, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit to collect credit card debt is 6 years.


Free Budgeting Resources to Help You Recover from Bankruptcy


post bankruptcy family budgetOne of the issues that many of my bankruptcy clients have in common has to do with lack of budgeting. Most of us have a general idea about our income and expenses but very few people sit down and write out a formal budget.


Bankruptcy Often the Least Desireable Option to Eliminate Student Loan Debt


elimination of debtI recently received this email from a prospective client (“Jane”) seeking to have her student loans discharged in bankruptcy