Will the FDIC's next leader be female?


Fifth Third’s new chief legal counsel, Jelena McWilliams, might be changing jobs again and Australia’s first female bank CEO tells all in a memoir. Plus, the advantage with female founders, and young feminists on the rise.


Struggling marketplace lender announces funding deal


Prosper Marketplace will receive as much as $5 billion in loan funding under a deal that will provide investors an equity stake in the San Francisco company


New York online lender secures $300M loan commitment from Jefferies


Bond Street targets small businesses that might be able to qualify for a bank loan but are looking for a faster and easier approval process.


How will CDFIs fare under Trump?


Supporters of the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, a Treasury program, are weighing the potential for budget cuts against the administration's interest in creating jobs and helping low-income communities.


Banks should slow down to get blockchain right


Bank consortium R3 CEV, one of the most well-funded blockchain working groups, has endured criticism for its meticulous process. But if blockchains are most valuable with a network effect, maybe forgoing some agility is worth the long while.


$100M in debt financing for Texas-based online lender


BorrowersFirst said its new financing will come from Waterfall Asset Management, a New York firm that focuses on high-yield investments.


Riverview Financial in Pa. to sell $17M in stock


The company is selling common and preferred stock in a private placement.