Equifax nears $700 million settlement of probes into data breach


The agreement with authorities including the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general — and possibly the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — may be announced as soon as Monday.


Taxi loan abuses part of a broader pattern in New York


In a state where laws are unusually favorable to high-cost business lenders, taxi drivers are not the only small-business people getting trapped in loans they can't afford to pay back. The question is, what are policymakers going to do about it?


Avant to pay $3.85M to settle allegations of deceiving borrowers


The Federal Trade Commission accused the online lender of numerous violations in connection with its loan servicing practices. In one example, Avant allegedly informed customers that they could make payments by credit card or debit card but then refused to accept such payments.


Why CFPB payday revamp is an even bigger deal than you think


The proposed rollback of underwriting requirements for small-dollar lenders could redefine a legal doctrine that governs rules affecting other companies as well.


CFPB, FTC need more teeth in dealing with credit bureaus, GAO says


The watchdog’s report — requested by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md. — called for civil money penalty authority and better supervision to guard consumer data.


What will it take for Congress to act on a data breach?


Familiar recriminations and calls for legislation from lawmakers followed the massive hack of the Starwood hotel chain, but will Capitol Hill actually do anything?


Brown, Rubio float bill to protect small-business borrowers


The legislation would ban legal clauses that force small-business borrowers to give up their right to court proceedings before obtaining a loan.


Refund checks sent to more than 430,000 NetSpend prepaid card users


The payments, which total more than $10 million, stem from a 2017 settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The agency charged that NetSpend deceived consumers by advertising that they could get immediate access to their funds.


Two lawmakers urge CFPB, FTC to keep pressure on Equifax


Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Elijah Cummings have called for an update on probes into the credit reporting giant a year after its massive data breach came to the light.


A chance for consumers to 'know what the credit bureaus know'


Senators at a hearing Thursday discussed a bill establishing an online portal for consumers to monitor their credit reports free of cost.