How this small bank combats fraud without alienating customers


As large banks put stronger fraud monitoring and authentication technology in place, fraudsters have been turning to small banks, like Kennebunk Bank on the coast of Maine. Here's how it fought back.


California man who sold bank data to Russians sentenced to one year


A California man who says he unwittingly helped Russia conduct a disinformation campaign on social media before the 2016 U.S. presidential election has been sentenced to six months in prison and another six months of home confinement.


Bankers’ testimony could loom large in Manafort trial


The roster of of potential witnesses at the trial of President Trump's former campaign manager includes current and former employees of Citizens Financial Group, Banc of California and The Federal Savings Bank.


Jail time for two former bankers in fraud case


Dan Heine and Diana Yates were accused of hiding Bank of Oswego's condition by inaccurately reporting bad loans.


Municipal CU CEO charged with multitude of financial crimes


Kam Wong, chief executive at the high-profile, $2.9 billion credit union that serves the NYPD, among other municipal workers, has been charged with fraud.


The banker caught up in Russia scandal, Mulvaney vs. Warren Part XIII, CU tax: Top stories of the week


The Russia probe puts a national spotlight on a Chicago bank exec; CFPB's Mulvaney and Sen. Warren face off (again) while a credit union CEO takes a surprising position on the industry's tax exemption.


Mueller indictment says Russians used PayPal to buy Facebook ads


A sophisticated campaign by Russian actors seeking to manipulate the 2016 U.S. presidential election through social media included stealing the identities of Americans and using accounts at PayPal to aid their effort.


Wells internal review may unearth more problems: CEO Sloan


Tim Sloan told investors Tuesday that Wells could uncover more examples of financial harm to its customers as part of its ongoing review of its sales practices.


Can AI spy financial crime without implicating innocents?


Some bankers fear the use of artificial intelligence in detecting crime could catch innocent customers in a dragnet. Proponents say it can do a better job of spotting true criminals.


Senators ask AG Sessions to halt Choke Point


Despite assurances that the Department of Justice crackdown on banks' third-party relationships is ceasing, lawmakers say it is still having an impact.