Fraud detection

Barclays, Citi and other big banks invest in behavior biometrics firm


Four global banks have joined American Express Ventures in contributing to BioCatch’s Series C fundraising round and earning themselves seats on its newly formed Client Innovation Board.


Software for detecting financial crime is in high demand. Here’s why.


Banks' fear of big penalties, the changing tactics of nimble criminals and a greater openness among regulators to new approaches are among the factors driving big investments.


Identity fraud is soaring. Here's how one lender is attacking it.


Axcess Financial is using stronger authentication, studying up on bad actors and planning to use a federal service that automates verification of Social Security numbers.


TD’s answer to a pandemic-driven spike in wire fraud


The bank says fraud attempts involving commercial wire transfers have escalated since the outbreak began. It's training employees and customers how to head off the often hard-to-detect scams.


Small banks' battle to thwart unemployment scams


Peoples Bank in Arkansas and Main Street Bank in Massachusetts are getting smarter about spotting suspicious transactions tied to unemployment benefit fraud as well as warning customers what to watch out for.


Are banks doing enough to fight unemployment benefit fraud?


Banks and prepaid card providers have played an unwitting role in scams that have stolen billions of dollars from state unemployment insurance programs, whose payouts soared after coronavirus shut down the economy.


Experian launches synthetic identity detection service


When a bank subscriber to Sure Profile pulls a credit report on an applicant for a loan or account, Experian will check to see if the identity data matches a real person.


Coronavirus scams are proliferating. Smart tech can stop them.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are some examples of technology available now to help combat money launderers profiting from the pandemic.


How EventBot malware exploits shift to mobile payments during coronavirus crisis


Criminals developing EventBot malware built it to take advantage of businesses and humans turning to mobile banking and payments in the current coronavirus crisis — but also to update itself on the fly to become more insidious in the future.


AI startup Deep Labs lands $16M in funding commitments


The company, which develops "persona-based intelligence," software counts Visa and American Express among its clients.