Amerant in Florida discloses loan exposure to coffee trader


The company said it recorded a large loan-loss provision in the second quarter to reflect Coex Coffee International's pending liquidation.


Coronavirus 'affirmed rationale' behind CenterState-South State deal: CEO


⁠John Corbett says building scale, lowering costs and strengthening technology offerings have become more critical for banks to stay competitive.


Dennis Hudson retiring as CEO of Seacoast in Florida


Chuck Shaffer will take the helm in January, becoming the first leader outside of the Hudson family since the bank's formation in 1926.


Coronavirus undermines de novo bank effort in Florida


Organizers of Coastal Community Bank withdrew their application after the pandemic disrupted efforts to raise capital.


FDIC approves application for Florida de novo bank


Organizers of Coastal Community Bank must raise $19.5 million before opening.


United Community enters new Florida markets with Three Shores deal


The Georgia company will expand into central and southern Florida by buying the parent of Seaside National Bank & Trust.


Coronavirus fears dampen mood at community bankers' conference


The outbreak and a free fall of oil and stock prices are rattling bankers at this year's ICBA gathering in Orlando, Fla.


CenterState, South State took parallel paths to a merger


The companies spent much of the past decade completing smaller deals that created complementary footprints in the Southeast.


Florida de novo gets FDIC approval


Organizers of Gulf Atlantic Bank must raise $12 million in capital before opening.


BankFlorida to be sold to individual investor


Kenneth Lehman, a former banking attorney who acquires large stakes in small banks, will buy BankFlorida, which lost $555,000 through the first nine months of 2019.