financial stress

Fintechs try wooing banks back to construction lending


Software startups say bringing borrowers, builders and lenders onto one digital platform can remove some of the risks lenders faced during the crisis.


EBay founder's new venture fund seeks fintechs with social conscience


Flourish, a fund backed by Pierre and Pam Omidyar, invests in startups that address social and financial inequities yet (key caveat) are still promising moneymakers, a top official of the fund explains.


CFPB’s Kraninger grilled over payday, military lending


The bureau's director, Kathy Kraninger, faced a barrage of criticism from Senate Democrats on the agency's lack of enforcement actions, a reversal on Military Lending Act examinations and changes to the payday loans rule.


CFPB's Kraninger asks for 'clear authority' over military lending exams


The director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has asked Congress to clarify its ability to conduct exams that ensure compliance with the Military Lending Act.


Financial wellness startup Even pulls in big bucks, big talent


Its data-driven financial management services for workers who live paycheck to paycheck — and a contract with Walmart — have attracted executives from Facebook, JPMorgan and elsewhere as well as a major investment from the head of Box.


Outlook 2019: Can regulators finish what they started?


From stress tests to tailoring the Dodd-Frank Act to the Volcker Rule, the banking agencies have a number of important proposals to finalize in the coming year. But there are several potential obstacles that could throw those plans off track.


Facing consumers' fears: How fintechs target money anxiety


Several challenger banks are trying to relieve consumers’ financial stress by offering tools that guide better habits.


Pentagon, others baffled by CFPB plan to cease military lending exams


The bureau says it lacks explicit authority to conduct routine supervision of lenders’ compliance with service member protections, but the decision has sparked pushback from the Defense Department and groups representing military personnel.


How banks could help financially fragile subprime women


Jonathan Walker of the Center for the New Middle Class and Mark Schwanhausser of Javelin kick around ideas for helping women caught in a subprime trap.


CFPB requests public input on financial education programs


The information request is the 11th issued by the agency since acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney in January launched a review to examine the bureau's practices.