Financial reform

Red flags worrying lawmakers 11 years after financial crisis


Members of the House Financial Services Committee cited leveraged lending, cybersecurity and the switch to a new interest rate benchmark among potential systemic risks that keep them up at night.


What student lenders think about Warren, Sanders reform plans


The CEOs of Sallie Mae and Discover Financial Services were largely dismissive this week of the threat posed by the two Democratic presidential candidates, though their optimism seemed to be rooted in an assumption that the more sweeping proposals will never become law.


Don’t drop the ball on trans-Atlantic cooperation


The U.S. and Europe should continue to harmonize their banking rules, including for foreign banking operations, just as they did in the wake of the financial crisis.


House banking panel bemoans credit bureaus' 'oligopoly'


The root of the credit reporting sector’s problems may be its dominance by a handful of big firms, lawmakers from both parties said at a hearing.


House banking panel to examine Wells Fargo, CFPB in March


The House Financial Services Committee will hold eight hearings next month, looking at Wells Fargo's recent consumer protection scandals, a reauthorization of the flood insurance program and more.


Regulators need to be stress-tested, too


The banking agencies would benefit from running simulations designed to ensure they’re ready to handle the next crisis.


‘A lot of people are going to get hurt’: Petrou on fintech risk


Policymakers need to update banking regulations to minimize the risks posed by technology companies entering financial services, a well-known policy analyst says in a new paper.


In reg relief era, appraisers become endangered species


A proposal allowing more lenders to skip outside appraisals could remove a hurdle to quick closings, but appraisers say they could be collateral damage.


Why regulators need to take another look at bank capital


The banking agencies are right to review capital requirements for banks of all sizes to ensure the rules are efficient and clear.