Financial literacy

Why banks shouldn't make online banking too easy


Rushing to copy the Amazon experience, banks and fintechs are focused on simplifying financial services online. A Georgia Tech researcher says that approach is risky.


Facing consumers' fears: How fintechs target money anxiety


Several challenger banks are trying to relieve consumers’ financial stress by offering tools that guide better habits.


Why this bank turns its branches into classrooms


It started with financial literacy classes, but now Chelsea Groton Bank in Connecticut is offering crafts and other so-called lifestyle courses, all in an effort to connect with the public and drive traffic to its branches.


First Citizens in Tenn. helps women achieve financial independence


Judy Long, president of First Citizens National Bank in Dyersburg, Tenn., launched the Smart Women financial literacy program after seeing female customers struggle with managing their finances.


Should financial advice be tailored along credit and gender lines?


Women with credit scores below 700 feel more stressed about money than any other group, according to a new study. The findings suggest financial firms should cater to them with special advisory products and services.


Helping distressed communities like Puerto Rico can boost banks' bottom line


In providing aid, banks can earn Community Reinvestment Act credit and burnish their reputation.


Beyond ADA: An effort to help the disabled access mainstream banking


A public-private coalition, including Citigroup and disability advocates, is testing financial literacy strategies in New York City that they hope will be used nationwide to improve the financial lives of Americans with disabilities.


Is Trump team moving to political middle in CFPB director search?


The candidates being discussed lately to run the agency bring experience on consumer protection issues, and potential bipartisan appeal.


CFPB survey finds 40% of Americans struggle to pay bills


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's first "National Financial Well-Being Survey" found that a large slice of consumers experience financial hardship.


Regions to expand Operation Hope program to 100 branches


The Alabama bank will add the nonprofit's financial-advice centers for underbanked consumers to 88 branches over the next four years, in addition to the 12 it already housed.