Financial crimes

Why are more people trying to rob banks?


Armed heists are becoming less common, but the overall number of robbery attempts has ticked back up in recent years. The opioid epidemic is a likely reason, according to an industry expert.


Two former managers sue Wells; CMBS market rebounds


Husband and wife claim they were fired for raising concerns about the bank’s sales practices; commercial mortgage-backed securities on pace to top last year’s volume.


Hackers target digital currency buffs; JPM’s beneficence


Hackers are stealing enthusiasts’ phone numbers, then changing the passwords to clean out their financial accounts; bank makes pledge to human rights groups.


'A needle in a stack of needles': Using AI to detect money laundering


David McLaughlin, founder and CEO of QuantaVerse, discusses how artificial intelligence can improve anti-money-laundering compliance; the problems of de-risking and "defensive filing" of suspicious activity reports; the Clearing House's proposal to reduce banks' AML costs; and more.


Controlling costs, rebuilding revenue remain big challenges for Wells Fargo


The San Francisco bank says it's making strides in regaining the trust of its customers, but winning over new ones — as evidenced by a 9% decline in retail banking profits — remains a struggle.


BofI Holding disputes report that it’s a target of money-laundering investigation


The report in the New York Post alleges that the bank violated anti-money-laundering laws by filing incorrect call reports to hide loans made to foreign nationals.