House bill aims to rein in pricey small-business loans


The legislation proposed by Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez, D-N.Y., goes further than recent state efforts to require better disclosures for high-cost lenders, but it would face an uphill battle in the GOP-controlled Senate.


Are lawmakers inviting ‘hot money’ boom with brokered deposit bill?


Backers say a bill to limit asset growth instead of restricting brokered funds addresses concerns about expanding balance sheets at troubled banks. But skeptics worry it would open the door to greater risk.


10 years after bruising Dodd-Frank fight, is bipartisanship returning?


Rancor between Democrats and Republicans has made it hard to enact subsequent bills. But the 2018 reg relief package and more recent legislation offer hope for efforts to reach across the aisle.


States try to help borrowers left out of federal forbearance plans


One criticism of the CARES Act is that it provides relief only to borrowers with government-backed loans. Bills in New York and California would cover the remaining 30% of homeowners.


House passes bill giving firms more time to use PPP loans


The measure, which garnered near-unanimous support, would triple the period during which businesses can spend their coronavirus relief funds and make it easier for loans to be forgiven.


Comment fonctionne un family office ?


C’est au 19ème siècle que le family office est apparue pour la première fois aux États-Unis, et ce, selon la volonté des gens fortunés ayant le besoin de travailler avec une équipe interne pour la préservation et pour le développement de leur patrimoine familial. Actuellement, le family office tient encore une place importante, et le […]


Banks join calls to shield stimulus checks from debt collection


In some cases, financial institutions are required by court order to divert funds to private creditors. But the industry has added its voice to a consensus for a legislative update to ensure Americans receive their full amount.


La meilleure stratégie pour négocier des CFD


Il existe une gamme étonnamment large de méthodologies et de stratégies disponibles pour négocier des CFD qui peuvent compliquer la tâche d’un trader débutant. Bien qu’il soit facile de procéder à une transaction CFD, son utilisation, plus diversifiée que pour certains autres instruments financiers, peut, elle, devenir compliquée. Apprendre afin de pouvoir mieux planifier sa […]


Dear Congress: Do away with the rent-a-bank ruse


Payday lenders have long used bank partnerships and similar means to circumvent state interest rate caps. Lawmakers should stop such practices now.


House passes bills to require more reports from bank regulators


Lawmakers advanced legislation that would require banking regulators to give annual testimony to lawmakers and would mandate regular reports on cybersecurity efforts.