Despite outcry, Congress unlikely to block Facebook's crypto plan


Lawmakers from both parties strongly criticized Libra this week, but largely steered clear of proposals to stop it.


Lawmakers unveil competing flood insurance bill


Members from states threatened by storms say their proposal is better for consumers than recent legislation passed by the House Financial Services Committee.


House Democrats seek to bar tech firms from operating like banks


Lawmakers circulated a bill just ahead of hearings on Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency that would prohibit companies with over $25 billion in annual revenue from launching a digital financial asset.


Pot banking hearing is on Crapo’s radar


The head of the Senate Banking Committee said the panel could examine an industry-supported cannabis banking bill "relatively soon."


Pot banking reform gets a boost from Barr endorsement


The attorney general told lawmakers that exempting states that have legalized marijuana from the federal ban is better than the current system where state and federal laws are in conflict.


Choke Point epilogue: Are banks free to refuse service?


The battle lines drawn over federal efforts to restrict bank relationships with politically risky industries used to be clear cut. Not anymore.


Congress pits VA mortgage costs against veterans' health care


The mortgage industry is stepping up its fight against a bill that would raise the Department of Veterans Affairs' mortgage fees to cover medical costs for Vietnam vets.


4 takeaways from Senate GSE reform hearing


Lawmakers still have a long way to go before enacting housing finance reform, but the testimony could signal how future legislative talks will play out.


Financial firms could not cut ties to firearms clients under GOP bill


The bill by Sens. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., and John Kennedy, R-La., would block banks and credit unions with over $10 billion of assets from refusing service to "customers that may not share the same political values."


The inconvenient truth for GSE reform plans


There’s bipartisan consensus that the conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are unsustainable, but that may not be enough for lawmakers to upend the current system.