FHFA's challenge: Convincing Supreme Court it's not CFPB


A recent ruling declaring the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s structure unconstitutional signaled that a similar outcome awaits the Federal Housing Finance Agency. But the FHFA will argue in a new case that it does not deserve the same fate.


FSOC to look more closely at secondary mortgage market


The council created by the Dodd-Frank Act to identify systemic risks launched a review of the market as part of an activities-based approach that shifts focus away from targeting individual firms.


Wells mulling job cuts; Supreme Court to hear Fannie, Freddie case


The bank is expected to report a small net profit for the second quarter next week; shareholders are challenging the government's 2012 decision to appropriate nearly all of the agencies' profits.


Supreme Court to take up FHFA constitutionality


The high court ruled June 29 that the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau violated the separation of powers.


FHFA leadership structure on shaky ground after CFPB ruling


Legal experts say it is now more likely that the Supreme Court will strike down the single-director governance framework for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s regulator.


Groups urge FHFA to extend comment period on GSE capital plan


In a letter to Director Mark Calabria, 17 organizations requested an additional 60 days to weigh in on the proposal meant to strengthen Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's balance sheets post-conservatorship.


No decision by Supreme Court on CFPB's constitutionality


With just 13 decisions remaining on the docket this session, the high court's highly anticipated ruling in a case challenging the agency's leadership structure could come as early as next Monday.


Election, Supreme Court case may dictate fate of CFPB's QM proposal


An imminent high court ruling about the independence of the bureau's director, coupled with an election victory for Joe Biden, could doom a plan to extend GSEs' exemption from tough debt-to-income requirements on mortgages.


Federal housing agencies extend foreclosure moratorium to Aug. 31


The FHFA and FHA both announced for the second time that they were delaying the freeze to protect borrowers and renters during the coronavirus pandemic.


GSEs hire Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase as financial advisers


As they prepare to exit government conservatorship, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have enlisted the investment banks to help them boost capital and evaluate market opportunities.