Federal Savings Bank of Chicago

Manafort's banker seeks to move his trial from New York to Chicago


Stephen Calk and the bank where he formerly served as CEO are both arguing that his bribery trial should be held in Illinois. Prosecutors oppose the move.


Indictment of Manafort's banker reveals new details of loan scheme


Most notably, the charges indicate that Stephen Calk lied to banking regulators about what he knew when he approved loans to Paul Manafort, as well as about his interest in landing a job in the Trump administration. He faces one count of financial institution bribery.


Bank that lent Manafort millions makes claim on his pricey real estate


The Federal Savings Bank is trying to persuade a judge to look beyond its CEO's alleged complicity in a fraud perpetrated by President Trump's former campaign chair.


Behind Manafort's loans, a chopper pilot who flew into Trump's orbit


He is, by Wall Street standards, a small-time banker. But in 2014, with Donald Trump eyeing a run at the White House, Stephen Calk stepped into the big-money world of New York real estate — and a network of Trump associates.