Amex said to face inquiry into business credit card sales tactics


American Express is reportedly under investigation by top federal agencies exploring allegations of unethical sales tactics by the company’s small-business credit card sales representatives.


FDIC report suggests M&A has been positive for many small banks


The agency’s second in-depth study of the community banking sector pointed to continued challenges for local institutions from the pandemic and other headwinds, but many smaller banks are reaping the benefits of M&A and holding their own against larger competitors in key lending categories.


Banks would have 36 hours to report cyberattacks under proposed rules


Federal banking agencies want to give the industry a hard deadline for notifying their regulators about serious security breaches and failed system upgrades.


FDIC finishes long-awaited rules on brokered funds, ILCs


The revamp of the brokered deposits framework offers relief to banks and their partners that saw the prior rule as outdated. Meanwhile, new standards for industrial loan company parents aim to clarify the bank chartering process for fintechs and other nontraditional firms.


Bank regulators mull stricter rules for reporting of data breaches


It has been 15 years since the federal banking agencies issued guidance on an institution’s obligation to inform its regulator about a cyberattack. A proposal to be unveiled this week could establish a more specific notification deadline.


FDIC board to consider brokered deposit, ILC rules at public meeting


The agency's principals are scheduled to meet Dec. 15 to vote on a new definition for brokered deposits and on regulatory standards for industrial bank parents.


Banks' net interest margins plunged to record lows in 3Q


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.’s latest report on the industry’s health had positive news about the earnings recovery last quarter, but it also showed that low interest rates amid continuing economic uncertainty are putting downward pressure on asset yields.


Regulators warn banks against using Libor in new contracts


The OCC, Federal Reserve and FDIC said that a failure to adequately prepare for the transition away from Libor could undermine banks' safety and soundness, but also extended the sunset date for many iterations of the interest rate benchmark to July 2023.


Regulators grant relief to banks pushed past key asset limits by PPP


Participation in the Paycheck Protection Program and other emergency lending during the pandemic has swelled many small banks’ balance sheets. Federal regulators are giving them a temporary pass on supervisory requirements tied to their size.


FDIC's brokered deposits rule may hurt some middlemen


The forthcoming measure could override staff opinions that helped certain deposit-gathering companies partner with banks.