Why bankers should care that two rival blockchains linked up


Brian Behlendorf, the executive director of Hyperledger, explains why Hyperledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance have joined each other’s organizations. 


Fed sets bank exposure caps; Equifax hires IBM AI expert


Largest banks would be limited on how much risk they could have with each other; the credit bureau has hired the former head of the computer giant's Watson unit.


Ether is not a security, top SEC official says


It’s possible for a cryptocurrency to begin as a security and then transform into another type of asset, said William Hinman, who heads the regulator's division of corporation finance.


World’s biggest bitcoin exchange launches in U.S. as currency nears $10K


Japan’s bitFlyer is expanding to the American market, even as U.S. banks remain wary of cryptocurrencies.


Blockchain moves beyond its 'moonshot' phase


Brian Behlendorf, leader of the Linux Foundation's effort to establish standards for blockchain, likens the invention of cryptocurrencies to the moon launch and says banks, open-source developers and others are working to make the underlying technology commercially viable.


Massive Ethereum breach spells opportunity for banks


When a coder locked $150 million of digital currency stored in Parity digital wallets last week, many bankers probably saw it as another reason to ignore cryptocurrencies. Instead they should recognize the business opportunity (key custody) that the incident presents.


Bitcoin moves toward financial mainstream with futures contracts


CME Group plans to offer bitcoin futures contracts by yearend, a sign that financial institutions may be getting ready to trade financial products tied to digital currencies.


SEC report may put an end to ICO boom


The federal agency's investigative report concludes that crowdsales of blockchain tokens known as initial coin offerings may need to comply with securities laws.


Death hoax involving Ethereum creator sparks panic cryptocurrency sell-off


The incident shows that cryptocurrencies may be vulnerable to market manipulation—and may not be ready for prime time.


Why this venture capitalist wants to make traditional VC obsolete


Blockchain Capital wants to raise $10 million by issuing its own digital token, a method the firm says is the future for startups, VCs and everybody else.