What will it take for Congress to act on a data breach?


Familiar recriminations and calls for legislation from lawmakers followed the massive hack of the Starwood hotel chain, but will Capitol Hill actually do anything?


In praise of Gerspach; Equifax’s other concern


Bullish update by the accomplished Citi CFO boosts shares; credit bureau may have been distracted by prior incident.


Two lawmakers urge CFPB, FTC to keep pressure on Equifax


Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Elijah Cummings have called for an update on probes into the credit reporting giant a year after its massive data breach came to the light.


D.C. was up in arms over Equifax breach — what happened?


Following news of the breach, congressional hearings for the company’s ex-CEO and other blowback were accompanied by legislative calls to action. But a year later, did policymakers do anything?


Bill to enhance poor credit scores will backfire, critics say


Allowing alternative data such as rent and utility payments has bipartisan support, but some say it could create more problems than it solves.


A chance for consumers to 'know what the credit bureaus know'


Senators at a hearing Thursday discussed a bill establishing an online portal for consumers to monitor their credit reports free of cost.


Equifax reaches deal with 8 states on steps to avoid future breaches


Under a consent order with Texas and seven other states, the Atlanta-based credit reporting firm agreed to shore up its information security efforts, but it will not have to pay any financial penalties.


Fed sets bank exposure caps; Equifax hires IBM AI expert


Largest banks would be limited on how much risk they could have with each other; the credit bureau has hired the former head of the computer giant's Watson unit.


Firestorm over faulty accounts is just beginning


Institutions that have been opening consumer accounts without consent need to prepare for the fallout, even if the OCC has said it won't name names.


What’s behind rising delinquencies on private-label credit cards


It’s not just weaker underwriting and higher household debt levels that are driving past-due rates to their highest levels in seven years.