Election 2018

A Waters-led banking panel may not be the scourge banks fear


The California Democrat would have more of a bully pulpit as chair of the Financial Services Committee, but some say she could take a pragmatic approach to passing banking legislation.


6 lawmakers who could chair a banking committee next year


Regardless of which party controls the House or Senate post-election, the financial services panels in both chambers could have new leaders.


Waters’ clashes with Trump just the beginning


Rep. Maxine Waters made headlines this week for her scathing criticism of the White House. Expect more to come if she takes over as the Financial Services Committee chair next year.


Democrats stick by Waters for banking panel despite controversy


The 13-term California Democrat is in line to chair the Financial Services Committee if her party wrests control of the House in the November election.


After reg relief, are Dems a party of Warren or a party of compromise?


Months after a group of Democrats helped propel Dodd-Frank reforms forward, the opposition party’s identity crisis on banking policy is still on full display.


Could Dem takeover of House rock the boat for banks?


A change in House leadership in midterms would slow down regulatory relief initiatives and put more heat on Trump-appointed regulators.


Trump attack on Cordray shows Ohio governor race may turn on CFPB


The former CFPB director won the state’s Democratic primary Tuesday night, and his tenure at the agency is likely to be a key issue in the general election.


6 candidates to chair banking panel (if GOP keeps House)


Which party controls the House next year is still uncertain, but this much is clear: Someone other than Texas Republican Jeb Hensarling will hold the gavel on the Financial Services Committee.


In a first, ABA will air TV ads for political candidates


The American Bankers Association will fund TV ads for Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., and Rep. Ted Budd, R-N.C., the first of several candidates the group expects to actively promote during the midterms.