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Name game: Rebranding BB&T-SunTrust fraught with risk


The banks have no choice but to pick a new name, marketing experts say, but good luck: The best ones may already be taken, made-up names can sound forced, and any change might nudge more customers to rethink their loyalties.


GSE reform, CFPB underwriting rule are on collision course


Absent some policy change, nearly a third of the loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could be in violation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Qualified Mortgage rule in two years.


Chemical-TCF: Why this deal, and why now?


Both banks' need for scale started the conversation and the lifting of the SIFI threshold helped seal the deal. Here are five takeaways from one of the industry's biggest recent mergers.


CFPB to scrap key underwriting portion of payday rule


The agency is expected soon to propose a revamp of the 2017 regulation that would eliminate the ability-to-repay provisions, which small-dollar lenders saw as a direct threat to their business.


Libor is going dark in 2021, and some banks aren’t ready


An effort to increase awareness of the transition to a new benchmark rate, and nudge banks to start preparing, is expected to intensify in 2019.


Can core providers and small banks settle grievances in 2019?


Both sides acknowledge where expectations haven't been met, and are feeling the same market pressures to adapt faster.


Will 2019 bring long-awaited GSE reform?


After 10 years of conservatorship, the new year could finally usher in big steps toward housing finance reform.


The one banking bill Congress might actually pass next term


The financial industry is not expecting movement on a lot of legislation given a divided Congress, but one measure is beginning to attract widespread attention.


Blockchain's backers concede it has been tainted by crypto


To convince skeptical bankers about the benefits of distributed ledger technology, some suggest it needs to be separated from the volatile digital currency it underlies.


FDIC unveils long-awaited community bank leverage ratio


The proposed 9% ratio for institutions with less than $10 billion of assets is designed to create a simpler capital regime for small banks.