'Training bankers, not sales people': Comments of the week


Readers chime in on banks being problem-solvers, Jamie Dimon’s ties to Trump, a new mortgage app, CFPB catching heat over the Wells Fargo account scandal, and more.


JPM brand avoids damage from Dimon's ties to Trump ... for now


Given Jamie Dimon’s stature in banking, it’s unlikely that the longtime CEO's role on the advisory panel of a controversial president could tarnish JPMorgan Chase's reputation. But his involvement nonetheless carries an element of political risk.


First-time homebuyer market making comeback


For the first time in a decade, new owner households created in the first quarter were higher than the creation of renter households.


U.S. consumer debt has hit a new record, but lenders shouldn't be spooked


The old record was set just before the Great Recession, and what may be most remarkable is that it took nearly nine years to reach a new milestone.


Ten questions for Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker


In an extensive interview, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker talks about the challenges facing community banks, the biggest threat to the financial system and the possibility of interest rate hikes later this year.


Philadelphia Fed President Harker on the 'anxious optimism' of the Trump economy


Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Patrick Harker sat down with American Banker to talk fintech, financial regulation and the economy.


The state of small business: What banks need to know


The good news: SBA lending is going gangbusters and business owners are optimistic about growth prospects and their ability to access credit. The not-so-good news: Many firms are still not particularly interested in borrowing and startups are not the engines of job creation they once were.


Canadian banks to announce business growth fund


The public-private effort, aimed at expansion-minded tech and other companies with proven track records, would be backed by the country’s six largest banks, insurance companies and regional lenders.


The upshot for banking from Yellen's Senate appearance


Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen appeared Tuesday before an uncommonly collegial hearing of the Senate Banking Committee, but the lack of outward drama masked the fact that lawmakers from both parties were using her testimony to lay the groundwork for a broader battle over the future of regulatory reform.


Fiscal Cliff- We Survived the Fall - Now What??

If there was a real "fiscal" Cliff, at least three-quarters (¾) of Congress would have been