Donald Trump

NCUA Chairman Rodney Hood praises Trump in new White House video


Hood's comments mark an unusual turn for an industry famous for its bipartisanship.


Impeachment fight derailing banking bills? Think again


Democrats’ investigation of President Trump has darkened the horizon for legislative activity in Washington, but prospects for a pair of bipartisan measures backed by the industry are surprisingly bright.


Are Trump’s Fed tweets working?; repo turmoil may be here to stay


A research paper says the president’s constant criticisms are driving Fed policy, directly or indirectly; the huge demand by banks for cash may be the result of tougher regulations.


Fed's Powell: Don't expect changes to bank liquidity rule


Despite concerns over how regulatory requirements affect short-term funding markets, the central bank is not considering a reduction in the liquidity coverage ratio, Jerome Powell said.


Ginnie Mae punished his firm. Now, Trump may put him in charge.


A mortgage industry executive with ties to a firm penalized in a U.S. predatory lending crackdown is being considered by the Trump administration to run Ginnie Mae, according to people familiar with the matter.


Republicans sought power to fire CFPB chief. Democrats may benefit.


The Supreme Court may be closer to examining a key restraint on a president's ability to change CFPB leadership.


Trump adds to pressure on Fed, seeking rates of zero ‘or less’


President Donald Trump urged the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates to a level typically reserved for recessions or periods of persistently weak growth, suggesting that such a setting could allow the government to restructure Treasury debt at a lower cost.


JPMorgan creates 'Volfefe Index' to track Trump tweet impact


Make market volatility great again? Analysts at JPMorgan Chase have created an index to gauge the impact of Donald Trump's tweets on U.S. interest rates, which they say is on the rise.


'You don’t have to like the GSEs': Comments of the week


Readers react to jilted GSE legacy shareholders and a proposal making it harder to cite disparate impact, criticize Democrats asking the CFPB to stop its payday rule revamp and more.


Deutsche Bank says it has returns requested by subpoenas


Deutsche Bank confirmed that it has tax returns requested by U.S. lawmakers seeking financial information for President Donald Trump and his family. Whose returns are those? That's still a secret.