Discover Financial Services

How banks can ace next round of virtual annual meetings


Online and hybrid gatherings last year left shareholders demanding that companies make it easier to join the meetings, ask questions and vote this time around.



Discover CEO predicts second-half spike in credit card losses


Consumers have largely kept up with their payments during the pandemic, but Discover chief Roger Hochschild says he expects defaults to rise as structural changes in the economy lead to more layoffs of white-collar workers.


What Wells Fargo’s exit from student lending means for competitors


With the sector facing serious headwinds — from declining enrollment during the pandemic to the prospect of a Biden administration making college free for many families — the departure of a major player could be a shot in the arm for the likes of Discover and Sallie Mae.


Discover surges with October becoming new December for shopping


Discover Financial Services shares surged after the company said spending on its cards improved in September, the first increase during the pandemic.


Capital One cuts card spending limits amid impasse in jobless aid


Some customers have complained of limits being slashed by one-third to two-thirds, eroding their ability to borrow in an emergency during a pandemic or potentially hurting their credit scores.


The year shareholder meetings went virtual


Discover Financial Services and Bank First in Wisconsin, two of the many companies that went all-remote with their annual meetings this year, gave the process high marks. But the longer-term prospects industrywide are unclear.


Lenders fear mass defaults unless unemployment benefits are extended


The CEOs of the credit card lenders Discover and Synchrony are urging Congress to come through with another round of government stimulus so that struggling households can continue paying their bills.


Credit card lenders clamp down to mitigate coronavirus risk


Since March, issuers have tightened their criteria for opening new accounts and closed millions of existing ones in hopes of avoiding waves of defaults.


Discover names Maheras chairman after sudden death of Weinbach


Discover Financial Services said Thomas Maheras will serve as its chairman after the death of Lawrence Weinbach.


How the pandemic has upended banks’ marketing


Many banks are slashing their spending. Others are changing their messaging strategies. And those that banks partner with pro sports teams are stuck in limbo, since it remains unclear when games will resume.