Data privacy rules

Despite outcry, Congress unlikely to block Facebook's crypto plan


Lawmakers from both parties strongly criticized Libra this week, but largely steered clear of proposals to stop it.


Facebook crypto exec meets congressional firing squad


Resistance to Libra on the Senate Banking Committee was bipartisan, and other takeaways from Tuesday’s hearing.


Facebook won’t launch crypto service until regulators satisfied, exec says


David Marcus, who oversees Facebook’s digital wallet, plans to tell Congress that the company will roll out Libra only after it has "received appropriate approvals.”


'Let's encourage banks to join payday lenders': Comments of the week


Readers react to the Fed warming up to CRA reforms, criticize the Democratic presidential candidates, defend Pittsburgh as a megabank attraction and more.


Proven bank privacy laws should apply to tech firms, too


The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act is a successful privacy law that ought to govern all financial services providers, not just banks.


Will Congress stop Facebook's Libra?


The rush to hold hearings in both the House and the Senate reflects broad skepticism across the political spectrum about the social network's plan to develop an alternative payment system.


Before they regulate AI, Congress needs to define it


As lawmakers meet this week to discuss artificial intelligence, they should work with regulators to create universal and workable definitions.


Is Senate Banking’s Facebook inquiry the start of something big?


Lawmakers are taking a closer look at the company’s data collection practices and its work on cryptocurrency payments, raising the possibility of more action down the line.


Crapo, Brown probe Facebook over financial data collection


Sens. Mike Crapo and Sherrod Brown are asking Facebook about its consumer financial data collection practices as they consider data privacy legislation.


State regulators should take the lead on data privacy: CSBS


The Conference of State Bank Supervisors urged Sens. Mike Crapo and Sherrod Brown to establish a baseline for consumer protection in data privacy and security that would leave room for stricter state rules.