Data privacy rules

Congress needs to hurry up on data protection


Consumer identities are becoming increasingly digital and more prone to privacy risks. Lawmakers cannot sit idle.


Don’t buy what Zuckerberg’s selling on Libra


Facebook’s cryptocurrency would not help underserved communities, despite the claims of its CEO, who is slated to appear before Congress this week.


California blazing a trail on banking policy for other blue states


The state's Democratic-controlled Legislature has enacted laws establishing data privacy rights, giving municipalities the ability to set up public banks, and requiring standardized disclosures on small-business loans, among other issues. Lawmakers elsewhere are taking notice.


California’s privacy reforms can drive national legislation


Congress should consider acting quickly or companies could treat the Golden State's new data privacy restrictions as a national standard.


Beware the privacy risks that come with a crypto venture


The Financial Action Task Force’s recent guidance on data privacy regulations should serve as a warning to companies planning to test virtual currencies.


As mobile apps proliferate, data protection has to keep up


Banks and third parties must work together to safeguard data being shared when a customer uses mobile apps.


Despite outcry, Congress unlikely to block Facebook's crypto plan


Lawmakers from both parties strongly criticized Libra this week, but largely steered clear of proposals to stop it.


Facebook crypto exec meets congressional firing squad


Resistance to Libra on the Senate Banking Committee was bipartisan, and other takeaways from Tuesday’s hearing.


Facebook won’t launch crypto service until regulators satisfied, exec says


David Marcus, who oversees Facebook’s digital wallet, plans to tell Congress that the company will roll out Libra only after it has "received appropriate approvals.”


'Let's encourage banks to join payday lenders': Comments of the week


Readers react to the Fed warming up to CRA reforms, criticize the Democratic presidential candidates, defend Pittsburgh as a megabank attraction and more.