Data privacy

CFPB sets stage for long fight on data-sharing rule


As it attempts to craft policy on access to consumers’ financial account information, the agency is wading into a battle between those who want data to flow more freely and those who prioritize security.


Cannabis and gambling: State ballot measures that matter to banks


Referendums that legalized marijuana and sports wagering in several states could incentivize banks to do business with companies in these sectors. Payday loan and privacy measures that passed Tuesday also have implications for the industry.


Consumers have too little control over how their data is shared


Despite tougher privacy regulations, further safeguards are needed that require consumers' clear consent before personal information is exchanged.


CFPB developing proposal on who can access customer data


The rulemaking is expected to draw enormous interest from both banks and third-party fintech providers.


Wells Fargo says it has nearly eliminated screen-scraping threat


The company's new agreement with Envestnet Yodlee to share customers' account data over secure pipes is its 17th pact with aggregators and other fintech firms.


Week ahead: More uncertainty after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death


Credit union issues could struggle to gain traction as lawmakers battle over a replacement justice.


Banks, fintechs must reframe data privacy debate


Financial firms could lose access to data that’s critical to their businesses if Congress passes a privacy bill. To change lawmakers’ minds, they need to show how data in the right hands has the power to improve customers’ lives.


No shortage of ideas for CFPB data-sharing rules


Banks, data aggregators and fintechs have clashed for a decade over how consumers’ bank account data should be shared with third parties. The agency says it will offer a plan, and industry officials have plenty of suggestions already.


BNP Paribas is latest bank to join IBM cloud project


The IBM-BNP collaboration and other new developments show that high-profile breaches haven't deterred banks from using the cloud to store data.


Put bank exam council in charge of data privacy


The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council is best suited to craft uniform policies to protect consumer data. A patchwork of state rules is cumbersome.