Data mining

This credit union is going after Chase cardholders. Will other lenders do same?


After digging deep into member data, Randolph-Brooks FCU in Texas developed a marketing campaign aimed at persuading JPMorgan Chase clients to switch to the credit union's own card. It's an effort its peers could imitate.


Credit unions dig into data to offset slowdown in lending


Technology is helping some institutions find new growth opportunities as lending contracts, but many CUs also were able to use data to assist members during the early days of the pandemic.


PayPal’s crackdown on human trafficking


The payments company is working with nonprofit organizations, law enforcement authorities, victims and others to make it harder for the criminals behind the modern slave trade to move money.


How Square turns unconventional credit data into loans for tiny businesses


The payments company has loaned $5.5 billion to 275,000 small businesses, thanks to a data-driven process free from human interaction.


Banking groups' guidelines on data sharing are misguided


Rather than ban screen scraping, financial institutions should improve secure account connectivity so that consumers can share data with the apps they want to use.


TD Bank’s bold bet on AI technology


In a move rare for the industry, the bank bought a team of data scientists to bolster its artificial intelligence efforts in areas including product recommendations and fraud prevention.


TD's innovation agenda: Experiments with Alexa, AI and augmented reality


TD Bank's new lab seeks to divine the future of banking.


To compete with big tech firms, banks need big-tech talent


The financial services industry must change how it attracts, hires and develops data science talent.