Data integration

Pandemic exposes limits of lenders' traditional credit metrics


Lenders need to use alternative data as an overlay to traditional underwriting methods to help creditworthy customers in hardship because of the coronavirus crisis.


‘Screen scraping is not evil’: Bankers, fintechs, aggregators face off


A CFPB event on data-sharing issues gave the parties a chance to debate the merits and risks of screen scraping, what can replace it and what consumers really want.


What LendingClub and Radius saw in each other


The heads of the two companies explain how the deal came about, what hurdles they face and how they plan to mash up their very different operations.


Fidelity’s data-sharing unit Akoya to be jointly owned with The Clearing House, 11 banks


Akoya has been building a data-sharing network that gives fintechs access to bank account data through application programming interfaces as an alternative to screen scraping. JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Capital One are among its new owners.


What the Visa-Plaid merger means for banks, fintechs


Visa's deal to acquire the data aggregator Plaid is likely to have ripple effects throughout the industry, including less fintech-tech tension over sharing data.


Open banking’s three biggest pitfalls


Financial institutions need to be aware of the platform model, strategic and reputational hazards that come with granting access to their networks.


Is a new data war about to erupt?


PNC, Plaid and Venmo have been blamestorming over customer data-sharing issues of access, security and consent.


'Out of the shadows': Use of alternative data in lending gains ground


Financial regulators’ statement cautiously encouraging banks to go beyond traditional underwriting in their lending decisions is a big step forward for the use of alternative data and artificial intelligence, bankers say.


A new path for banks in digital marketing


Radius Bank is letting consumers open accounts through NerdWallet as part of its banking-as-a-service offerings to reach customers through third parties.


OpenFin, FactSet partner to make their apps, data feeds work together


Banks like RBC and JPMorgan Chase can now more easily draw real-time FactSet data feeds into applications.