Data governance

Data privacy regs abroad put even finest digital tools to the test


Technology has helped banks expand globally, but complying with country-specific laws restricting data flows is a constant struggle.


Security isn't banks' only hang-up about moving to cloud


Liability for missteps by vendors, jurisdictional headaches tied to locations of servers and legacy technology are other potential impediments.


Are customers getting enough control over their data?


Andres Wolberg-Stok at Citi and Sam Taussig at Kabbage debate openness, privacy, control, and how much say consumers should have over their banking information.


JPMorgan invites white-hat hackers to security team


Crowdsourced cybersecurity is making inroads into the world of big banks, even though there is a risk bad actors will exploit the opportunity.


Banks’ data collection efforts lacking; CFPB, JPMorgan offer advice


Banks need dedicated teams to shore up digital compliance efforts, officials at SourceMedia’s RegTech 2018 conference said.


Who’s on the hook for a hack? Aggregators team up on answer


A new set of principles by Envestnet’s Yodlee, Quovo and Morningstar's ByAllAccounts aims to settle a much-debated issue in data sharing: which party is liable when a hack occurs.