Data federation

A new kind of British invasion: Regtech hackathons


Tech sprints that bring regulators together with bank officials, data scientists and software companies originated in the U.K. and have crossed the pond into the U.S.


How tech — and free publicity — helped this small bank double its deposits


Quontic Bank is offering high-interest, digital-only savings like others, but it says its secret sauce is homegrown technology that optimizes deposit prices. Financial bloggers have taken notice.


JPMorgan Chase moves to block fintechs from screen scraping


The bank is leaning on its direct API relationships with the major data aggregators rather than letting third parties ask customers for usernames and passwords to access account information.


JPMorgan Chase signs data sharing agreement with Envestnet Yodlee


The largest U.S. bank will share data through application programming interfaces with a sometimes-controversial data aggregator.


'Data is being hoarded' by tech companies: BBVA's Carlos Torres Vila


Unlocking the information that technology companies have on consumers would benefit banks and society overall, the chairman of the Spanish banking giant said.


Are customers getting enough control over their data?


Andres Wolberg-Stok at Citi and Sam Taussig at Kabbage debate openness, privacy, control, and how much say consumers should have over their banking information.


'It should just work': Why banks need a single standard for data sharing


Don Cardinal of FDX and Olivier Helleboid of Intuit explain the FDX and OFX standards, how they're turning them into one standard and what that standard will be able to do for banks.


Top data-sharing groups close in on a single standard


OFX is used by 7,000 banks while FDX is used by 2 million consumers. The two standards are converging.


Blockchain key to rethinking identity, avoiding next Equifax


The best solution to the current broken identity system is to flip the authentication process from third parties to the users themselves.


Data aggregation’s new frontier: Lending decisions


Personal financial management tools have long relied on financial data aggregation. Now, aggregators are hoping traditional lenders will take a cue from alternative lenders and use the technology to quicken their underwriting decisions.