Senate bill would provide CDFIs $2B lifeline for emergencies


The account would complement the existing Community Development Financial Institutions Fund and could be replenished annually if banks and credit unions use the funds to help when natural disasters and other crises occur.


Eliminating field of membership enables credit unions' money grab


Jim Nussle, CEO of the Credit Union National Association, recently argued that Congress should do away entirely with FOM requirements. Such a move would further favor credit unions over banks.


Fed lifts six-per-month transaction limits on savings accounts


The central bank said customers will be able to make more transfers and withdrawals "at a time when financial events associated with the coronavirus pandemic have made such access more urgent."


House bill would temporarily lift credit union commercial lending cap


Legislation announced Wednesday would allow credit unions to make coronavirus relief loans to businesses without fear of bumping up against the member business lending cap.


NCUA extends comment period for credit union-bank purchase proposal


The regulator formally announced the 60-day delay on Monday after tweeting about it over the weekend.


ICBA urges Congress to turn up the heat on credit unions during upcoming meetings


The banking group issued lawmakers a guide on questions to ask when credit union executives visit Capitol Hill this week.


CUNA chief and NCUA at odds on bank purchase guidance


The debate centers on whether guidance on credit union-bank mergers is necessary.


Will Congress do anything about credit unions buying banks?


The community bank lobby has said the recent deals are another reason to rein in the credit union sector. Some House members are beginning to take notice.


Bankers may turn to Supreme Court in credit union membership suit


An appeals court on Thursday denied bank groups an en banc hearing from all 11 appellate judges, but bankers said Friday that they're considering turning to the Supreme Court.


Credit unions prevail over banks in battle for military base access


House and Senate lawmakers have denied a push by banking groups to grant banks the rent-free access to military installations that credit unions have.