Week ahead: New initiatives from credit union trades, regulator


Industry groups have launched new programs that are expected to carry over into 2021, while others are raising new calls for Congress to tackle data security.


Credit unions' political donations lean left in advance of election 2020


The industry supports candidates on both sides of the aisle but has tilted towards Democrats during this cycle. Experts say that's partly a reflection of the current makeup of Congress.


CUNA unloads .creditunion domain


Ownership will transfer to DotCoop, which has committed to continuing to develop the domain for industry use.


Week ahead: Presidential debates and congressional battles


President Trump and former Vice President Biden meet face-to-face this week while Republicans and Democrats push conflicting priorities in Washington.


Week ahead: NCUA tackles appraisals as hopes dim for more COVID relief


It's unlikely that lawmakers will pass new coronavirus-related legislation before Congress leaves for its October recess.


Week ahead: Credit union balance sheets under stress, Congress returns


A new jobs report was better than expected, but recent NCUA data on credit union performance for the first half of 2020 shows how hard the industry has been hit by COVID-19.


Industry groups call on NCUA to refine virtual examination process


With on-site supervision off the table indefinitely, various credit union trade associations have suggested how NCUA could improve remote exams, including issues related to exam timelines and cybersecurity.


Week ahead: Credit union events to stay digital well into 2021


Industry groups are also pushing the federal regulator to improve how off-site examinations are conducted.


Are public-private partnerships the future of postal banking?


Bankers have long opposed the idea of the U.S. Postal Service taking deposits and making loans directly, but some in the industry are open to the idea of letting banks and credit unions offer services at post offices.


The latest postal banking plan gets it wrong again


If Congress wants to provide better access to banking services for low-income and rural Americans, they would be wise to consider financial services partners that operate as a not-for-profit model.