More than 100 financial firms using Ripple blockchain software


Designed to compete with Swift, Ripple announced several new customers Tuesday. The startup says its software allows banks and others to send cross-border payments more quickly, transparently and cheaply.


Bank-issued bitcoin debit cards. No, really.


The explosion of interest in digital assets this year, and the multiplying of their market value, are making cryptocurrency debit cards newly attractive. Banks could partner with intermediaries or issue the cards directly, but obstacles remain before that day can arrive.


Could Chinese regulators put an end to blockchain assets?


China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency exchanges raises questions about the future of digital asset innovation, a movement that some bankers view as a threat and others embrace as a boon to payments, P-to-P lending and other activities.


New bill would make small bitcoin purchases tax-exempt


The legislation introduced by Reps. Jared Polis, D-Colo., and David Schweikert, R-Ariz., would allow cryptocurrency users to make transactions of up to $600 without paying taxes.


Digital currency exchange readies expansion into hot U.S. market


The Japanese exchange bitFlyer has processed $30 billion in bitcoin trades so far in 2017. Now it has its sights set on American crypto enthusiasts.


Banks don’t need the Fed in order to succeed


Society has accepted central banks’ monopoly over creating and controlling the flow of money, but history and current technological innovations point to alternative approaches.


The race to connect smart contracts to the real world


A San Francisco startup working with Swift plans to launch a network that would tie self-executing contracts to independent data sources.


SEC takes jab at startups while leaving the big banks alone


The agency’s new classification of “initial coin offerings” is yet another affront to the efforts by fledgling companies to raise funds.


Yet another Wells scandal; bitcoin exchange busted


The bank forced hundreds of thousands of auto loan borrowers to take out insurance they didn't need, putting some into delinquency; a Russian man is arrested and charged in $4 billion money laundering scheme.


‘Permission to commit legal extortion’: Comments of the week


Readers react to the CFPB’s final arbitration rule, a new potential hurdle for initial coin offerings, a housing finance reform proposal and more.