Crisis management

Brokered deposits aren't 'hot money'


Many community banks need brokered deposits to help fund loans, so policymakers must strike the right balance between promoting liquidity and guarding against reckless lending.


Pandemic shows that people are banks’ most vital asset


Whether it was their nimble shift to digital, or willingness to interact in new ways with customers in branches, bank employees have met head-on the business challenges posed by the outbreak.


Maintaining Thrust While Your Industry Crashes


The travel industry was hit extremely hard by the coronavirus pandemic. WEX, a payments processing and financial technology solutions organization with offerings for corporate travelers, felt the shockwave first hand.


Banks in hurricane zone redraw preparedness playbooks


Social distancing and other pandemic-related measures are making it harder for banks in the Gulf region to rely on tried-and-true contingencies.


GSEs' new refi fee will hurt borrowers most


The higher charge on mortgages refinanced through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is supposed to cushion against a crisis but could contribute to one as the fees are passed on to struggling consumers.


Senate bill would provide CDFIs $2B lifeline for emergencies


The account would complement the existing Community Development Financial Institutions Fund and could be replenished annually if banks and credit unions use the funds to help when natural disasters and other crises occur.


In times of crisis, banks also must look after their own


Financial firms should offer debt consolidation and faster payment services to help employees who may be struggling through the coronavirus pandemic.


No bank should be paying dividends right now


The Fed’s recent action capping dividend payments might prove inadequate once the coronavirus crisis really hits banks’ capital.


Repealing brokered deposit law would be a costly mistake


Congress and the FDIC are considering easing limits on banks' holdings of such deposits, a move that could inadvertently lead to more expensive failures.


Bankers fear surge in coronavirus cases will delay economic recovery


States that were quick to reopen are seeing spikes in infections and hospitalizations, raising the specter of another lockdown. Here’s what that could mean for banks.