Credit unions

Is core-banking technology nearing a 'big shake-up'?


Alexander Lopatine, who founded Nymbus and has joined Mbanq, says alternative providers are gaining the confidence of more banks. However, questions remain about their staying power in the fight with traditional vendors.


M&A 2019: Tech moves to center stage


Aside from BB&T-SunTrust, dealmaking got off to a sluggish start this year. But that may soon change, not just because of pressure to achieve scale. For many banks and credit unions, a technology-capability gap could be the determining factor.


Iowa bank announces second asset sale to a credit union


First American Bank agreed to sell its Iowa branches to GreenState just weeks after arranging the transfer of its Florida locations to another credit union.


Credit unions are buying banks, but can they keep the customers?


The biggest challenge for credit union acquirers involves retaining commercial customers at the banks they buy. That's why constant communication, and having more commercial products and services, matter.


CU consortium to forgive student loans under CFPB order


Student CU Connect CUSO, which had made high-risk loans to students of the now-bankrupt ITT Technical Institute, agreed to a settlement resulting in an estimated $168 million of loan forgiveness.


Truist's rough landing, BB&T-SunTrust opportunist, AML cheat sheet: Top stories of the week


Hard sell ahead for BB&T-SunTrust as ‘Truist’ lands with a thud; Citizens looks to poach BB&T-SunTrust talent; what the Senate AML bill means for banks; and more from this week’s most-read stories.


'You had a great brand. Egos killed it': Comments of the week


Readers respond to BB&T-SunTrust's rebranding, consider the future of home equity loans, debate the number of credit unions buying up community banks and more.


Cloud banking vendor for small institutions gets big boost


Alkami Technology said it would use its latest round of $55 million in funding to expand the white-label services it currently offers small banks and credit unions.


Credit union shopping spree funded by taxpayers


As credit unions buy up community banks, policymakers should take another look at ending the industry’s tax exemption and regulatory breaks.


Top trade group exec defects from ICBA to CUNA


Chris Lorence, a former marketing official at the Independent Community Bankers of America, is the Credit Union National Association's latest recruit from other financial services trade groups in recent years.