'Another day, another hack': Comments of the week


Readers react to Capital One's massive data breach, raise alarm to The Bancorp's expansion in CRE securitizations, defend fintechs offering retirement plans and more.


The Bancorp's risky CRE pivot


The Delaware company, best known for issuing prepaid cards, has ramped up commercial real estate securitizations. The shift promises to deliver big fees, but it could also cause headaches if defaults spike.


Banks, appraisers assail NCUA rule as 'bad public policy'


The National Credit Union Administration caught flak after it approved raising the threshold for appraisals on commercial real estate loans to $1 million.


Agencies release update on capital proposal for CRE assets


The federal banking regulators issued a new proposal Friday asking for further public comment on changing the definition of a “high volatility commercial real estate exposure.”


Banks explore ways to capitalize on tax law's 'Opportunity Zones'


Regional and community banks are working to finance the economic development districts created by the new law. But they have lots of questions about how the program works — and thoughts on how to improve it.


Heritage Commerce discloses CRE exposure to energy firm's bankruptcy


The California banking company has two loans tied to DC Solar that are on nonaccrual status.