Need a volunteer opportunity, young banker? This algorithm's for you


CariClub crunches employee data to connect young banking professionals with nonprofits on the hunt for junior directors.


'Theater of the absurd': Comments of the week


Readers respond to this week's big-bank CEO hearing before the House, weigh the debate over Community Reinvestment Act reform, consider whether Wells Fargo needs a new brand and more.


M&A, pot banking and more reg relief: What's on the minds of midsize bank CEOs


In a roundtable discussion, the heads of four banks called on Congress to move on CRA modernization and address the cannabis conundrum, while dismissing arguments that midsize banks need to merge to stay competitive.


Fed is a rubber stamp for bank mergers — it’s a problem


The central bank has failed to appropriately scrutinize deals in recent years, potentially putting the financial system at risk.


Agencies near consensus on key elements of CRA reform


Senior officials at the OCC, FDIC and Fed signaled they agree more than they disagree on a plan to modernize the Community Reinvestment Act.


Why is OCC scared of public input?


A senior official recently criticized how some groups responded to the OCC’s initial steps to reform the Community Reinvestment Act. It’s a worrying sign that the agency will ignore concerns raised by advocates.


BB&T, SunTrust pledge $30M for affordable housing in Charlotte


The two banks will each give $15 million to the Foundation for the Carolinas, which supports affordable housing development in Mecklenburg County.


OCC and FDIC chiefs signal progress on CRA reform


In successive speeches, Joseph Otting and Jelena McWilliams expressed hope for a Community Reinvestment Act rule by early next year, and also said regulators should align their small-dollar lending policies.


CRA reform crucial for tackling rural poverty


The current debate around changes to the Community Reinvestment Act should include discussions about how the law can be used to better support low-income communities in remote areas.


Banks explore ways to capitalize on tax law's 'Opportunity Zones'


Regional and community banks are working to finance the economic development districts created by the new law. But they have lots of questions about how the program works — and thoughts on how to improve it.