Scrapping CRA is no solution


Any serious discussion of how best to update the Community Reinvestment Act for the 21st century must focus on strengthening the law, not eliminating it.


CRA strife, fintech charter, updating AML: Inside Otting's first year


More acquainted with the quick decision-making style of the banking world, the comptroller of the currency found a policymaking environment in D.C. that moves at a slower pace.


'No wonder they've had 12 straight years of losses': Comments of the Week


Readers sound off on the CFPB's name change, whether the Post Office should be allowed to engage in banking services and the FDIC's call to revamp the de novo process.


Overhaul CRA? Why not eliminate it?


Regulators are considering reforms to the Community Reinvestment Act, but it’s not clear that the law is needed anymore.


Best in Banking, CRA reform, Operation Choke Point: Top stories of the week


Zions' Harris Simmons named Banker of the Year; distilling the hopes and hang-ups around CRA reform; new grist in still ongoing debate over Operation Choke Point; and more from this week's most-read stories.


Cheat sheet: Hopes and hang-ups on CRA reform


Regulators have yet to issue a formal plan for updating the Community Reinvestment Act, but a list of questions about the reform effort issued by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has produced a treasure trove of public feedback.


Dems' grilling of Fed's Quarles a preview of what could come


On the verge of controlling the Financial Services Committee, House Democrats criticized proposed changes to the Federal Reserve Board's post-crisis supervision program.


What bankers want from CRA reform


The head of the Consumer Bankers Association lays out four industry priorities for the regulatory push to overhaul the Community Reinvestment Act.


What Democrats’ House takeover means for banks


The focus since the 2016 election on easing rules, tax cuts and expanding access to credit is about to be turned on its head.


Should industry fear Waters-led banking panel?


The presumptive chair of the House Financial Services Committee will likely take the panel in a sharply new direction and have a new bully pulpit to criticize the Trump administration.