'Petulant children playing with matches': Comments of the week


Readers react to House lawmakers attempting to overhaul the credit bureaus, express sarcasm to the Senate Banking Committee eyeing cannabis banking, criticize Sen. Elizabeth Warren's plans to overhaul Wall Street and more.


The case for market-based CRA reform


Many oppose a metric-based approach, but there are ways it could actually work.


'Let's encourage banks to join payday lenders': Comments of the week


Readers react to the Fed warming up to CRA reforms, criticize the Democratic presidential candidates, defend Pittsburgh as a megabank attraction and more.


The Fed’s remarkable turnaround on CRA


The central bank has a long history of fighting reforms to the Community Reinvestment Act, until now.


CRA credit for fighting climate change: One Fed bank's suggestion


As policymakers mull ways to update the 42-year-old Community Reinvestment Act, economists at the San Francisco Fed have put forth a novel proposal.


Mechanics Bank agrees to $9.5B CRA investment as part of Rabobank deal


Consumer groups applauded the California bank's announcement.


Banks, regulators can help themselves by helping young adults


Intern programs are just one example of an activity that should count for CRA credit and meet Dodd-Frank requirements, says Comptroller of the Currency Joseph Otting.


Fed publishes report on what bankers want from CRA reform


The central bank gathered feedback in nearly 30 roundtable discussions about regulators' efforts to modernize the 1977 law.


SunTrust, BB&T plan parting gifts to their hometowns


The merging banks, whose new headquarters would be Charlotte, N.C., will each double their charitable giving over the next three years in Atlanta and Winston-Salem, N.C.


Agencies closer to joint polices on CRA, small-dollar loans: FDIC head


Jelena McWilliams said federal bank regulators could begin "within a week or so" to discuss a draft proposal for reforming the Community Reinvestment Act.