Court cases

Supreme Court to take up FHFA constitutionality


The high court ruled June 29 that the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau violated the separation of powers.


Supreme Court ruling eliminates autodialer use for FHA, VA collections


The court struck down a 2015 update to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which permitted robocalls to cell phones for government-related debt collection.


Supreme Court won't hear bankers' appeal in credit union membership suit


The court's decision not to consider an appeal from the American Bankers Association is likely to be the last step in a legal saga dating back to 2016.


Supreme Court strikes down CFPB leadership structure


In a split 5-4 decision, the justices gave presidents new power to remove the agency's head at will. The ruling could have far-reaching implications for other regulators with single directors.


Fifth Third latest bank in CFPB crosshairs over phony accounts


The bank’s disclosure of an impending enforcement action shows that the CFPB continues to crack down on aggressive practices that got Wells Fargo in hot water.


Supreme Court justices question wisdom of CFPB overhaul


The court’s liberal bloc and Chief Justice John Roberts, who holds a crucial swing vote, appeared reluctant to remove a contentious provision that limits a president’s ability to fire a sitting director of the bureau.


Will CFPB be reined in? Chief Justice Roberts may hold the key.


John Roberts could play a familiar role as the swing vote in determining whether the Supreme Court curbs the consumer bureau’s power.


CFPB backers tell high court that agency's structure is legal


Democratic lawmakers, state attorneys general and others filed briefs with the Supreme Court rebutting claims that the agency’s leadership structure is unconstitutional.


Lawyer picked to defend CFPB before high court backs agency structure


The Supreme Court appointed Paul Clement to represent the agency after the bureau’s current director questioned its constitutionality.


CFPB critics to Supreme Court: The agency must go


The case before the court deals mainly with a statutory clause limiting the president’s ability to fire a CFPB director. But briefs filed with the court say striking that provision does not fully solve the bureau’s constitutional problems.