Core conversions

First Horizon experiments with taking core to the cloud


The regional bank is switching VirtualBank, a digital-only unit added through a recent merger, to a core system that relies on Finxact software and Amazon Web Services. The move epitomizes the industry's cautious approach to cloud-based technology.


Live Oak outpaces larger rivals in moving core system to public cloud


The North Carolina bank deployed Finxact's new technology, which runs on Amazon Web Services, to make Paycheck Protection Program loans and will use it next to offer business savings accounts and CDs.


Even in pandemic, small banks forge ahead with core conversions


Many community banks, like Peoples Community in Wisconsin, say they proceeded despite the technological challenges presented by social distancing because the crisis has exposed the shortcomings of their digital systems.


Core conversions go virtual amid pandemic


Switching core banking systems has long been done face to face, but the coronavirus has driven the process into the digital arena. The change could be permanent.


Colorado bank joins growing list of cloud-based-core converts


FirstBank, the initial customer of the startup Finxact, sought a modern core system that jibes with fast payments and other new technologies.


Why more banks are ditching their legacy core vendors


Newcomers Nymbus, Neocova, Finxact and Technisys and older competitors like Temenos, Infosys and Oracle are winning over community and regional banks by offering what some bankers describe as more flexible technology at fairer prices.


Inside Union Bank's development of a new core system


The bank was burned by a core replacement project that failed in 2011. This time, it's using its PurePoint unit as a test lab and co-developing the software.


Tired of paying ‘ransom’ to core vendors, two small banks fund new one


The State Bank Group and The Provident Bank are backing Neocova, which focuses on community banks.


'May the odds be ever in your favor': Comments of the week


Readers react to Regions Financial's plan to replace it core deposit system, a House bill meant to curb jobs moved overseas, a resurgence of consumer complaints against the credit bureaus and more.