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Bernie Madoff, Haven Jurisdiction, and the End of COMI?


The liquidation of the largest Madoff feeder fund, Fairfield Sentry, recently made a major mark on Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code. The lynchpin of Chapter 15 (and the Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency) is the ability to locate a debtor’s center of main interests (COMI). If a debtor files for bankruptcy in the location of its COMI, then it is entitled to certain automatic protections from ancillary proceedings in other countries, e.g., the imposition of the automatic stay to bar all collection activities.


Debtor, What Debtor?


The recent World Bank Report on the Treatment of the Insolvency of Natural Persons  highlighted in its first pages (13 and ff.) the alternatives regarding which debtors to be include in this special regime.


Spain, six years later


First of all, I would like to thank the Credit Slips team and, in particular, Bob, for hosting me here again. I guess that after six years, memory is weak, and it is easier to believe that I could have something interesting to share with their readers. I hope that, at least, my posts will help to understand the present situation of Spanish Insolvency Law as regards personal bankruptcy. The latest amendments are said to be a dramatic change in our system.


The New Irish Split Mortgage Solution for Underwater Homeowners


This just in from Ireland:  A large mortgage bank there, AIB, has agreed to a plan to split some mortgages into a "good" tranche, equal to 80% of the current market value of the home (forgiving the other 20% of that tranche) and another, "bad" tranche equal to the remaining, underwater portion of the mortgage loan.


Debtors' Prison in the West?


DebtorprisonI've been corresponding with an analyst in a country that still jails people for unpaid general debts.