Community health

OCC was right to finalize CRA rule on its own


If the agency hadn’t revised the 1977 law now, nothing would be done for communities in need that are struggling even more in the coronavirus pandemic, writes Faith Bautista, CEO of the National Diversity Coalition.


My experience shows why CRA reforms are necessary


Operation HOPE Chief Executive John Hope Bryant talks about how the Community Reinvestment Act influenced him at the age of 9 and eventually led to the founding of his nonprofit, which works with banks to help communities in need. But he says the 1977 law is outdated.


Pandemic makes CRA reform more urgent, not less


Critics of the Community Reinvestment Act revamp want to freeze the rulemaking process. That would only delay financial help to New York and other hard-hit cities.


Crisis mode provides another lesson for banks, not a life sentence


Coronavirus has taken bankers out of their comfort zone. But they should view adaptations they’ve made in confronting the pandemic as a chance to hone their emergency response skills, not a permanent new normal.


CRA reform plan is suddenly outdated


Regulators need to revamp their proposal to overhaul the Community Reinvestment Act now that the coronavirus outbreak has created unforeseen financial needs.


Prioritize community banks in next small-business rescue plan


Small banks are a lifeline for many local businesses and should be given first crack at distributing funds from a continuation of the federal stimulus program.


This is no time for CRA reform


Community advocates would like to see changes to the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, but say regulators should suspend such efforts until the coronavirus pandemic has passed.


Stop what you’re doing and help the Fed


Banks and credit unions should make it their top priority to pair with the central bank in distributing financial relief to small businesses, even if that means putting everything else on hold.


Physician niche just what doctor ordered for this small bank


Community banks generally make digital a consumer play, but TransPecos Bank, with its BankMD brand, is focusing on doctor practices, which tend to weather economic downturns well.