Heartland banks have a new worry in turbulent ethanol business


Ag lenders say the Trump administration’s waivers for oil refineries threaten another source of revenue for corn growers and ethanol makers.


Cut the derivatives business some slack


Federal regulators should amend a capital buffer requirements for certain derivatives to avoid economic damage.


Goldman to curb commodities trading; activist turns up heat on Barclays


Once a moneymaker and executive training spot, the business is no longer cost-effective; Edward Bramson wants a board seat.


U.S. swap rollback is a gift to banks, Citadel Securities says


The CFTC's plan to walk back rules for swap-trading platforms will give big banks a leg up and hurt asset managers looking for better prices and more transparency, according to Citadel Securities, one of the world's biggest trading firms.


Merchant banking supports 40% of renewable energy investments, study finds


Merchant banking activities activities amount to more than $30 billion in direct investments, including more than $11 billion in renewable energy investments, a survey found.


Fed commodities plan violates congressional intent, banks say


A Federal Reserve proposal to set higher capital requirements for certain physical commodities may contravene Congress’ intent by making possession of those assets financially untenable, financial groups claim.